Be Amazing Movement



What is the
Be Amazing Movement?


Be Amazing Movement is a sisterhood of tens of thousands of girls (young and more young) from around the world who are on a mission to empower one another. No labels. No perfection. Real life.
Real girls. Wanting More.

We cheer each other on. We celebrate victories. We console defeats. And most importantly, we rock this crazy world together with confetti in the air & tiaras in our hair--sometimes figuratively, usually literally. Wink.

Thanks for joining our tribe (you did join our tribe above, right?!) darlin. From this moment on, permission will be grated, inspiration will be ignited, and empowerment will always be evolving. #BAM




What's the #BAM Mission?


Basically, we just want to remind you how amazing you are.
Every. Freaking. Day. And we really hope that's ok!


You know you're amazing, right?

Like most women, you've probably forgotten that. You've been putting everyone's needs before your own. Your tiara is tangled.
You feel tired, sad, and more than likely, frustrated. 

Stop. Get off the hamster wheel. It's time to find your courage! #Roar

 If our perception is our reality, then guess what?! Let's change our perception, together. We double-dog-dare ya to start blazing your own trail...with a tribe by your side (that's us!), of course.


Can we pretty please fill your pitcher?

You can't pour into others what you don't have yourself. Period.
That means it's time to fill yo' pitcher Hot Mama! And we're here to help! 

So, consider this a confetti covered reminder that it's YOUR TURN to find YOUR AMAZING once again! #FistPump


the bamifesto


It's like Manifesto.
Except, BAMifesto. Get it? giggle.

Look in the mirror, there's your competition. Say Yes, and mean it.

Be a truth teller. Drink champagne, just because.
You make the occasion special!

Be the better friend. Bring beauty to the lives of others. Play in the rain, look for rainbows, and take random pics! Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.

Show humility. Exude strength. Take a soul recess daily. Jump in headfirst. Ask questions later. Always wear your invisible crown.

Put your phone down...a lot!

Forgive others, yourself too. Be confident. Not arrogant.
Be undeniable. There is no "I" in team. Remember that. There is an "I" in win. Remember that.

Take the road less traveled and blaze your own trail; you'll be glad you did. Weird is wonderful. Floss & whiten. Smile. Sing in the shower. Dance like someone's watching, then show 'em what you got little mama.

A burning flame follows the tiniest of sparks. Believe in hail marys, happy endings, and comeback stories. Dream. It's an absolute must. They do come true, ya know!

Recognize God's winks. Pick up pennies, even if they aren't shinyWords are powerful. So speak kindly, especially to yourself. You are listening.

Make a wish before blowing out birthday candles. Age is a gift. Skip, then giggle.Confidence is sexy. Loyalty is sacred. Live withpurpose. Live with passion. Rock this crazy world with confetti in your hair and a tiara in your hair.

Love your life. Live your dream. BE AMAZING.


welcome to the
tribe, SIS!