An Eight Year Journey...

First post in #BAM and I’m at a loss for words…Which is new for me.

Stop laughing.

Seriously…Be Amazing Movement is a culmination of eight years in the making. Eight years of hard work, creating & recreating, and downright hustle. My desire to create a movement of powerful women of all ages kept me going. Believing in this dream kept me empowered.

I created Cup Of Joe With Jen after teaching elementary school for ten years. It was time to take what I learned in the classroom from 7 year olds out into the real world. Children really do "get it" this life thing you know. Living in the moment, no judgement, honesty, freedom. ahhhhh. So refreshing. 

Life is rather simple, yet as adults we seem to complicate it. Connecting with other women, hearing their stories, triumphs & failures fills my pitcher. I came to the conclusion it fills theirs as well.  Something magical happens when you realize you are not alone. #CrowdRoars

We can learn a lot from each other, yet most of us go at it alone. There is much power in connecting with others. It fuels the soul.

What better way to connect with thousands of women than through social media?! Now we can connect to numerous women across the globe. Sends chills…

Most women are searching, looking, and wanting more out of life than just a title. Whether it’s simply connecting with other women or needing their own income. Their own identity. Their own something…anything.  This was my ah-ha moment that inspired me to create a solution…Or at least try.

Eight years later, I found myself in a struggling marriage. Numerous health problems. My own children floundering. I was sad. I was tired. This was uncharted territory for me.

I absolutely loved meeting numerous people in the various companies I worked with and creating new friendships that I still hold dear. Oh how I wanted everyone to be successful! And if they weren’t, I blamed myself. I’ll just work harder. Try harder.

Insert webster’s definition of insanity here.

Looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s molded me into the person I am today. The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph. Right? Whatever. I was broken.

I took a year off per say, to save my marriage, get my health back in order, and spend quality time with my children. I even bought two puppies, Merlot and Sadie. I started praying again. I knew God was there the whole time, I felt him, just didn't want to engage. I was too busy feeling sorry for myself.. I started questioning again. Running again. Even SMILING again.

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
I do.
Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

No mistakes. Just detours and bumps along the way. Sometimes potholes. Big potholes.

It was time. Cup Of Joe With Jen was back. I was ready to start blogging again. In my case, Vlogging (video blogging). Yes, I was Vlogging before anyone even knew what it was...I think before it even had a name.

Before Vine.
Before Instagram.
Before videos on Facebook.

It’s hard being a pioneer and going somewhere no one else has gone before. At least in my World. I was mocked and ridiculed, by people I thought were my friends. I guess you can say I had numerous critics. The world is full of critics, right? If you can’t beat them, join them.

Not me. I like to create joy, to fill people’s pitchers, and give permission. Not criticize or judge.

What was the biggest lesson? My ah-ha moment? It was realizing that you’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but you are going to be someone’s. Ok. Smile. Validation. 

You can be the ripest, juiciest, peach in the world,
and there’s going to be somebody
who still hates peaches.

Just when you thought you were a bad-ass warrior, you are brought to your knees. #Humility

And that’s exactly what happened. #Validation

The tribe started forming. People who get me, like me, for simply being me (I feel like Dr. Suess) started showing up out of the wood work. #Manifestation101

I went to Cup Of Joe With Jen refueled and ready to begin! But, everything was gone. 5 years worth of content. ERASED. I was heartbroken. Quiet. One of my best friends, Tonya, sent me the story of Ernest Hemingway called Hemingway’s Lost Suitcase. Thank you. Here is a link to the story. (Remember I’m a teacher) It’s a good one.

Now what God?
What am I supposed to do?

The Whisper Said…Begin.

And so I did.
Clean slate.
Starting over.

New & Improved is created. (again lol)

First post? How to be Happy.
How ironic.

Reconnecting with old friends, making new ones complete.

Knowledge is Power.
Step one complete.

Do you have that one person? That one friend who gets you? The good, the bag, the ugly yet still loves you? As Meredith in Grey’s Anatomy would say, your personI met Stacey in my last company. We didn’t know each other prior. Complete Strangers. Stacey is my person. My nightcap if you will. One particular night after all the kiddos and hubby (he gets up at 5am) were all tucked in bed while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads, I had my nightcap ritual...which entails a glass of Merlot (not my dog), Jimmy Fallon (I so love him) and a phone conversation with Stacey. I tell her about this crazy idea I have. Strangely enough, Stacey, found it amazing. (pun intended)

I asked God, now what? How can I deliver this message? 

Again, listen to the whisper... 

Be Amazing.

That’s it! I got on GoDaddy, my late night friend, and found that is a toy company. That made me laugh, how ironic. Available. Available. Available.

Of course they were. #AnsweredPrayer

Cup Of Joe With Jen now had a new platform. A viral platform. #Grateful

When you’re in alignment with your God given purpose,
manifestation occurs.
Pieces to the puzzle will start falling into place perfectly,
just as they should.

I like unique. I like dreaming and wishing.  I like living with intention and giving permission for others to do the same. This is how you manifest the life you want! The amazing life you so deserve!

Eight years is a long time… But in the grand scheme of things, not really. Life is a series of events, both good and bad, happy and sad. I’ve realized without the bad, there’s no way to measure, recognize the good.


Life is a journey, or as Rascal Flats would say, Life is a Highway (Sidebar- I like country music)
No two journeys are the same. Everyone is perfectly flawed and Loved by God, just as it should be.

Join our Tribe.

Exit wheat field left.


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