Be Yourself.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mrs. Aboud
English 9A
Quote Essay

In a world where a "perfect image" is the ultimate goal, people will change their appearance and personality at any cost to obtain social acceptance. This famous quote means a lot more today with the millions using social media daily. Teenagers are bombarded daily with the latest social trends, apps, and filters as they try to keep up. This fake world of social media can confuse anyone making being yourself almost impossible sadly. 

Teenagers are the ones affected more it seems. There is constant peer pressure to fit in and be popular. In trying to become popular they might not dress or act how they truly want in fear of getting made fun of. Everyone's flaws actually make them unique. We are all different and were made to stand out. It seems no one has the confidence to stand out in a crowd, they'd rather fit in. Beauty comes from within, not from the latest cool filter you can apply to your pictures. Depression is at an all time high among teens and eating disorders. They will see famous people in magazines and online and try to strive for that look or weight. It's sad. What they don't realize is filters and photo-shop is used on the famous people they are trying to look like. It's all pretty much fake. I wish teenagers could "be yourself". 

Someone who does a great job at being herself is my mom, Jennifer Hudgins. She definitely lives by this quote. I've been with her numerous times when her friends or strangers will ask her why she is so dressed up or why she always wears high heels and she'll reply smiling, "because I want to". Sometimes she'll even reply, "why do you care what I have on".  It used to embarrass me when I was younger. I'll never forget her wearing high heels and dressing up for the state fair. I remember thinking myself, why on earth is she wearing that? Now as I've gotten older, I realize she epitomizes this famous quote by Emerson. It makes me proud she's a trend setter. She's constantly making everyone feel better and happy. She is always complimenting others and encouraging them when they are down. If someone comments on their weight or outfit negatively she stops them and encourages them to love themselves. I love the confidence my mom has in this world constantly trying to change you. 

Lastly, let's talk about Donald Trump. Whether you love him or hate him, voted for him or not, he is definitely a unique individual. Some might even say obnoxious and a narcissist. What is so crazy, is Donald Trump doesn't care. Throughout his whole campaign his advisors and even his children would try to get him to "tone it down". He remained steadfast and true to himself. After the election, his greatest critics and mainstream media all agreed that he never wavered in over a year. Trump is a perfect example of being original. No one ever got under his skin or made him change his behavior whether it was crazy or not. He never apologized for being outspoken. His comb-over hair was made fun of daily, yet he never changed it. His hair has been like that forever. Donald Trump loves himself so much he grew all of his companies using his name, "Trump". His "be original" persona helped get him elected as President of the United States of America. Trump definitely is an original in a world that is constantly trying to make him something else. He has accomplished holding the most powerful position in the world. 

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