Your Perception of me is a reflection of you.
My reaction to you is an awareness of me. 


Dear Haters, please be patient with me. I have much more where that came from. Wink.

We, as like-minded sistas, will ALL have haters. It's actually an unfortunate right of passage, if you will. People be sippin' on the "haterade" all day long! Learning to not give a shit will be the ace of spade in yo back pocket girl. aka, your "happiness card".

Haters are the people who view your profile the most & don't like anything. We also like to call them stalkers. giggle.

Sidebar, I love acronyms. It's the teacher in me.


Get it? Good.

I've said it before, & i'll say it again. One of my favorite quotes to date is "you can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, & there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches." Capeesh?

One of the goals here at the Be Amazing Movement is for you youngins to learn this #ByeHaters concept before you hit the ripe ol' age of 40 & start popping xanax likes it's candy!

Don't give away your power, sister.
Don't let others trigger you.

Being able to laugh when others try to bring you down is therapeutic, understanding it has nothing to do with you is genius. If you need to buy a mirror & duck tape it so eloquently to your chest so you can remember this crucial fact, then we advice you to do just that. Don't take on the bad energy of the world. the hate. the negativity.

Now go re-read the first sentence of the previous paragraph. We will wait.

I love this poem by R.M.Drake where he summarizes life to a tee:

She is going to find herself
when she is meant to find herself.
In the wrong or in the right place.
In this space or in the next.
Today or tomorrow.
Tomorrow she is drowning in love,
in inspiration.
In the things she cannot understand,
But there will always be something happening to her,
and something will always be changing her.
Something to bring her closer to herself.

She will continue, she will endure and grow.
And the way she will see the world
will be nothing more, but a reflection
of herself.

And all at once, the search will be beautiful.

The birth of a flower is one to remember,
the moment we all pay attention to her bloom.

The meaning of life? Bloom. Bloom where you are planted darlin'. Plant the seeds daily. Water. Some days you won't feel like it & that's ok. We will help water for you. Each day try to move forward. Successful people do consistently what normal people do occasionally. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT let #Haters throw you off your game. Keep moving forward. One day at a time. The journey is the confetti. The harvest is the crown. #BAM

Love your Life. Live your dream. Be Amazing.
Live w/ PaSsiOn...

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