"Words are such small things, like confetti in the brain, and yet they are color and clarify everything, they can stain the mind or warp the feelings." - Diane Ackerman

Confetti. What a fun word. You smile just saying it. Go ahead...See what I mean? A smile.

That’s just it. Our ah-ha’s of the “Be Amazing Challenge” encompass the littlest things in life. The moments that make you smile. Just like confetti.

When these little happy moments add up over time, it equates to an Amazing life. A crazy life we shall rock together with confetti in our hair. #Roar

Confetti is fun and colorful, just like you darlin’. Used following the end of celebrations, big occasions, parades, weddings... celebrating milestones. I wonder what would happen if we made any occasion -no matter how trivial or small- confetti worthy? You cannot practice a celebration. It’s a moment when the excitement of your goal makes you react to the moment. Any goal. Any moment. No matter how small... I made it to work early today, a first. Yea! Throw confetti. I refrained from yelling at my kids today. Yea! Throw confetti. I actually worked out today! You go girl! Confetti throwin’ worthiness indeed.

We need to Celebrate Life. Period.

Again, why do we wait, hold back, follow the status quo? Let’s not wait. Let’s choose to be upbeat and confetti ready at any given time. #BAM

Sometimes I’ve believed as many as seven impossible things before breakfast.

“I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.”

What if the hokey pokey is what it’s all about darling? I believe it to be so. Glitter is always an option. Sequins are always appropriate. With Confetti being the icing on the cake. Little pieces of colorful heaven falling from the sky. Giggle. If you need a cause for celebration, use your imagination. Dream of an imaginary time. You’re welcome.

Think About - 

What if we cautioned our words as well? Especially the ones in our minds. Stopped the self-loathing beautiful. What if we started throwing kindness around like confetti?

Sidebar - when I’m feeling sorry for myself, I reach out with kindness to another. Their happiness reignites my flame. #TrueStory Try it. My language is a feel-thinking language, I feel first. Think secondly. I believe it’s called, following your heart. I make up my own words, btw. Feel-thinking makes better since, wouldn’t you agree sistah? When the two become meshed, it’s a celebration of life. It’s plenitude. It’s happiness. It’s amazing. It’s #BAMWorthy

I remember at one point in my life not feeling confetti worthy. Not happy…Genuinely sad. Frustrated. Questioning everything even my purpose in this world. Basically I was in a downward funk. Cue Bruno.

I needed someone to grab a hold of me and shake me up. Wake me up. I was truly tired. I needed a friend to throw confetti in my face. And they did. Do you feel you’re at a breaking point? We are here. We see you. We have all been there, Dear. In fact, this Be Amazing Movement was created out of loneliness, out of the desire for true friendship and connection. Out of the frustration of petty jealousy, gossiping, back stabbing bull shit we’ve all encountered and participated in. No more.

How do you change the world darling? One friend at a time. One woman at a time. The ripple begins with one. The light begins with one. #Chills

Watch this.

Best advice I was ever given?
“Darling you keep going for the grand slam and getting frustrated when you strike out. How about you concentrate getting on first base every day?”

Ah-ha!! There it is. The secret to life. Just get on first base each day. You strike out.. No worries darlin’. You’ve now got an amazing team, a tribe by your side. #TheCrowdRoars

Action Item - 

Celebrate today. No matter the occasion or triumph. Throw confetti.

In fact grab your favorite paper and a hole punch, and make confetti today.

Jump on over to our closed FB group here.... We want to celebrate this thing called life with ya. Wink.

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