“She decided to free herself, dance into the wind, create a new language. And birds fluttered around her, writing “yes” in the sky.”

Dance like someone’s watching, …then show ‘em what you got little Mama.

Because You’re Brilliant

Because You’re Beautiful

Because we take a #SoulRecess Daily. 

Because We Embrace Ourselves and Others

Because truly let’s face it. 


They are watching, 

Everyone is watching. 

Let’s not pretend they are not, shall we? 

Own it. Proudly. Darling. 


Why? I think the better question should be, why not

The popular phrase normally reads, “Dance like no one is watching.” Meaning you’re not confident enough to dance if they are? Hmmm… No thank you.


These little subtle innuendos foster sly, and secretive behavior. 

Not Us. We shall write our own script, our own language and

Shine in our Brilliance. #Tribe


We are going to live “Free” And when we live free, we live Amazingly.

Think About-

We as Women hold the weight of the World on our shoulders. Shall I write that again? Better yet, read it again, then #Roar. I just did… Now I’m laughing. Envisioning our soul sistahs roaring gives me chills. Continuous daily chills… Smile. 


I’ll say it again. And again. And again. We, as women cannot pour into

the world, into our hubby, into our children, boyfriend, co-workers, neighbors, etc. with an empty pitcher. Period. The pitcher ain’t full,

we all be hypocrites. How can you pour love if you’re not first

loving yourself?  Guess what? You can’t. Ever think about airplane

rules? I do. The air flight attendant takes a mask, pretends to place

the mask over her face and says, what? 


Sidebar- If you’re traveling with children, or others are in need of assistance, please place your mask over your head first. Then help

assist others. #BAM


Get it? You can’t help others if you’re passed out cold. Yet, as women we do it every day. I “Used” to do it every day. My desire? To wake your ass up, and tell you to stop. Learn from my mistakes. From other’s mistakes. Our children are watching. Trust me, they do as they “See” not as they “Hear”. If we are going to change the World? We change the Child. 

We rewrite the script. The World may say you’re vein, selfish, and entitled.  You are Not. The world is asleep, tired, and judgmental. We are not. 

We now have our new recipe. We have taken on a challenge. We have a tribe and community of soul sistahs supporting us. We declare change. #FistPump


One of my greatest desires for our Be Amazing Movement is for  women to embrace and start loving themselves again. Please. 

Action Item –

Have you ever watched children when music comes on? It’s priceless.

They ain’t waitin’ til no one’s watching. They don’t care. They live free. They are happy. 


You know what’s coming…. Right?

Today, YOU DANCE. 

You dance, and you own it. 

Turn up the music and be free. Envision Meredith Grey and Christina Yang jamming out on Grey’s Anatomy. I’ll do the same. 


Watch this.




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