Do you jump in, no questions asked, or are you a “toe-dipper”? Not sure
if that’s even a word. It is to me. I think you get the picture.

I’m a dive in, jump off a cliff kind of gal. Most people are not. I’d venture to say 95% are not. 
I’m not a scientist, nor do I have a control test group, but I do have a pretty damn good
Here it goes… We are all unique. Unique-
Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.
Sidebar- if you don’t feel Amazing after this challenge, at least you’ll be ready for the vocab
category on Jeopardy. Smirk.

We are all perfectly flawed and loved by God. Read it again.
Ain’t no one Perfect.
In keeping with that tune, why do we try to be? #Guilty

I’m a firm believer in how you do anything is how you do
everything. This in it of itself becomes a slippery slope. Give 110%,cross all your T’s and dot all
your I’s, be the best, second place is first loser. Ya ya ya…

The biggest problem with all that rigmarole is it keeps us stuck. It keeps us from moving forward.

Keeps us from taking our first step. Creates scarcity mode and fear. Guess what happens when most
people get scared? They flee. Not me. I’m a fighter. Always have been. This isn’t a one-upper
contest, so bear with me.

Since I’m a fighter, I’ve tested my hypothesis. Therefore I will fight. I will speak up. Be the
voice of reason. Truth. For Us. #Tribe

I’m gonna tell ya a story. It’s true. Aka nonfiction. Wish I could tell you in person. I’m a good
story teller. Giggle.

What is the best day of your life? This question is asked way more than it should be in my humbled
opinion. Why not spin it…what would your best day look like? See there, open ended. More

Most popular status quo answers entail- sweet 16, wedding day, the birth of a child, Baptism etc.

Me? Oct 12,1998 – Chicago Marathon. My first one. Before it was actually cool, popular, or even
mainstream. #Roar Let me set the stage. I’m 27 years old, (I’ll wait as you calculate my current
age) teaching 1st grade, nursing my first born child, Camryn, all while my hubby, Todd, started law
school at night while working full time at Arthur Anderson.

Mama (that’s me) decided it was time to start running again. A good friend of mine asked if I
wanted to run the Tulsa run with her in October. It’s roughly 9.2 miles. I said sure. I had a goal. 
We all need goals.

After a month into training she informed me she decided to train for a marathon instead, 26.2
miles. Wowza. She just happened to mention this in front of our hubbies. They laughed. Hmmm…


I printed off a marathon training schedule for beginners. The next day training began. I JUMPED IN
HEADFIRST. I did not ask questions. I didn’t wait until Monday. I did not research. I did not
listen to the naysayers. Hell, I didn’t even listen to logic. I just JUMPED. I figured I’d sink or
swim. In my case walk or run.

4 months. That’s how long it takes for beginners. 4 months. Getting up at 4am, pumping my boobs, 
leaving the milk in a bottle for Todd. Actually for Camryn. I’m laughing. Then driving to riverside
in the dark and hitting the pavement alone. One step in front of another. Just God and I.
We got close.

As I crossed that finish line I experienced every human emotion imaginable. I cried. I had
goosebumps. I got a medal. #RoarAgain



Think About-

If I had listened to all the reasons why I shouldn’t have trained and researched the affect running
had on breast milk, waited until I wasn’t teaching, waited for Camryn to get older etc… I would
have NEVER crossed that finish line. EVER.

Did I have all the answers? No. Did I have supporters? No.
Did people think I was crazy? Yes.
Did I let fear paralyze me? No.

It’s only when one dives in head first that true creation, unique to only you, can manifest.

If you are waiting for the New Year, or a Monday, or for things to slow down. STOP. Those are

#JumpInHeadFirst You’ll figure it out as you go along.
The hesitation and procrastination kill you. It whittles away your Soul.
Time to LIVE NOW. Time to jump. You’re Welcome.

Action Item –

What have you been anxious to start, but put on the back burner? The dream that won’t go away… 
The excuses and not the right timing have taken over.

Guess what? TODAY is the Day you begin. The first step is always the hardest. Do it. Jump. Fight.

You now have a #Tribe. #SoulSisters to support you. #BAM

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True living and happiness occur in the pursuit of your dream.
Not the destination.
So begin.

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