Much of the time we are transfixed by all the ways we can reflect ourselves out into the world and barley find the time to reflect back deeply in on our own selves.

Love Thyself! Ok?! Seriously, it's time to get real. Time to take off the mask. Time to be vulnerable. Time to be honest. Time to forgive...yourself. I've recently done a lot of pondering. Self reflection. Self preservation. Self doubt & questioning. Self-reflection is the school of wisdom and growth. Can you relate? I'm sure you can. Wink.

If not...you should. Meaning? Each day you should reflect. Grow. Be better. Get better.
I love this quote from Thomas Carlyle, 

The greatest of faults, is to be conscious of none.

Time to wake the hell up and stop hiding behind your mask. Unless it is halloween, or you're at a fun party. Then by all means, wear your mask proudly. giggle.

True happiness comes from within. Blah blah blah. Ya, we know. Stop already. We get it. sigh.
Seriously, You can't get on social media these days without seeing this very omen numerous times a day. Right? #Guilty

Think it's time to change the infamous #HappinessComesFromWithin hashtag to #LoveYourselfDammit!

Then, and only then, will we experience true happiness. 

I bet we'd get more attention. Wake up more people.  #CrowdRoars
Here's the self awakening, pondering part. You ready? You might want to sit down. I'm 98.9% sure those reading this don't truly love themselves. Like love the good, bad & ugly self. The yelling, lying, envious, jealous self. The why did I lose it with my kids self? Why did I eat the whole pan of brownies self? What about the, I'm so jealous of her self? The got caught up in gossip again self.... so on & so forth. I think you get the picture. 

Guess what I do know? It's ok. Yep. It's ok. Do you know why? Because you can't experience joy without pain. Happiness without sadness. Power without fear. The yin/yang. If there wasn't any opposition, there wouldn't be any tool to measure.  There would be no reference point. 

Where most women get hung up? The recovery time. The pick yourself up, & dust yourself off time. The put on your big girl panties & deal with it time. The say I'm sorry & move on time. The self-pitying, loathing, guilty self wins 9 times out of 10, unfortunately. Tear. 

When we can adjust, acknowledge, and course correct the behavior, we win. 
When we let go of the guilt, we win. 
We are all human. We make mistakes, and we will continue to make them. Daily. I wonder what would happen if we actually accepted our flaws, our short-comings? Drumroll.... I'll tell you. 

Oh, I have my days like everyone else. Ain't nobody perfect, remember, just a cute little mask they be wearin'. Days I feel fat, ugly, depressed, sad, mean, lazy, etc. The "silver-lining" (always look for silver-linings darlin') is to recognize the feeling, the behavior, process it, and move on. aka Forward.  Keeping in mind, that sometimes the whole pan of brownies will be eaten, a gallon of ice-cream consumed, and/or bottle of wine guzzled, is warranted. And that is ok  WE are girls. WE are badasses. WE are all flawed and loved by God. WE are not alone. WE are human.  

LOVE your Life.   LIVE your Dream.   BE Amazing.  &

Live w/ PaSsiOn

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