One day she finally grasped that unexpected things were always going to happen in life. And with that she realized the only control she had was how she chose to handle them. So, she made the decision to survive using courage, humor and grace. She was the queen of her own life and the choice was hers.

Always wear your invisible crown was one of my favorite days during our “Be Amazing Challenge”. In summary. Have Courage & Class. Capeesh? Easier said than done. 

It definitely takes a village, or dare I say a “Movement”. A tribe of Amazing Women encouraging one another Rockin’ this Crazy World with Confetti in our hair and NOW a Tiara on our head...giggle.

As women we have the weight of the world nestled quite nicely between our shoulders, why not place a Tiara on your beautiful head for balance? For Honor. For Courage. For Amazing. You are ya know, Amazing. Beautifully flawed and loved by God. Let’s face it darling, YOU my dear are Royalty. It’s time to own your Brilliance. Your Beauty. Your Swag. Time to love yourself, so you can pour into others.

Instead of putting on your big girl panties and dealing with it (already a given, Duh) we get to ever so gracefully place a crown of beautiful courage upon our deserving heads with elegance and grace. Wink. 

Or should I say Curtsey. Let’s just do both, shall we? #Roar

Whether your Tiara is invisible or quite boldly sitting atop your lovely mane, the effect is the same.

Your posture is a tad straighter, your walk a bit brisker, your eyes sparkle a bit brighter. #BAM

What exactly is #TiaraTime? Envision a unique, one-of-a-kind time out for us #BAMBabes. 

A time to reflect. Breathe. 
Take ownership over any situation with style, with class. #LikeABoss. Instead of blowing a fuse. #TiaraTime

Instead of ruining your mascara.
Instead of grabbing a wire hanger.
Instead of furthering deeper down the rabbit hole.

See how this works sistah? You get to make a conscious decision to rise above the pettiness this crazy World dishes like the badass Lady that you are. Rockin’ your Tiara with style. Smile.

Sidebar - 
We’ve talked about the importance of #ConfettiWorthy moments, (BeAmazingMovement.com/blog/confetti) celebrating the small things in life.

#TiaraTime goes hand in hand with your Life Celebrations as well. You feel like the Belle of the Ball, Princess of the Parade, Queen-B of just about anything, by all means Darlin’ wear your Tiara as a stamp of approval YOU give yourself.Assembly not required. #BAMWorthyIndeed

Think About - 

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, rather a diamond tiara on my head. #TrueStory 

Not vanity, but truth.
We are all born with a unique purpose. We are all on individual paths to unveil that very purpose of our own life. There are no mistakes. Nothing is random. Your brilliance is undeniable. You were born in God’s image. Time to claim your diamond tiara. 

Please don’t go down that road again darling. We’ve put up the road block together, detoured down the road less traveled. The road only you can walk, with your #Tribe by your side. Owning your light isn’t vain, rather a necessity. A must. A requirement to enable you to Love your life, Live your dream, and ultimately Be Amazing. #CurtseyAgain 

Keep your head up, don’t let your tiara fall because you stumble. And trust me babe, you will. We all do. The key is how you recover. How quickly you dust yourself off. How quickly you straighten your Tiara, shoulders back, confidence & class found yet again. Remembering to live your life the way you want to live it; don’t let any naysayer or negativity get in the way.

Sidebar -
The journey is the secret to life, NOT the destination. Read as many times as needed until comprehension takes place. Wink. Our journey just happens to include champagne, confetti, tiaras, & dancing. #BAMiLicious 

Action Item -

We are here to help one another. Encourage and love one another. Each time you have a #ConfettiWorthy moment or #TiaraTime moment capture it. Take a pic. They are truly worth a thousand words ya know. 

Use the hashtags above OR #BeAmazingMovement. Any time you post to Instagram or Twitter (Sorry girls... FB is being a bully. Lol Only works on Instagram & Twitter. Start hashtagging away.) using these hashtags go check yo fine self out on ourBeAmazingMovement.com website. We are now interactive. And the crowd roars... 

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