#Women Are Not As Weak As You Think


There is a shift happening in the World. People are waking up, wanting more out of life. Finally seeking their God given talent & purpose. For there lies happiness and fulfillment. I just happen to call it passion. 

The awakened bad-ass woman has earned her stripes. Her scars. Her light. She is not merely born, yet made. She has put in the work, the infamous right of passage. She's a sinner with the heart of a saint. She has been tested time & time again, and continues to weather the storm. She loves and accepts herself for where she is today and how far she has come. Is loyal by default. She's been judged, mocked, and ridiculed, yet remains standing. She's not perfect nor claims to be. Her unshakable confidence is unsettling to most. She's made numerous mistakes, and continues to learn from them. She's no longer willing to accept the status quo nor listen to the naysayers. The people in her life that tell her she can't do something. Those trying to define who she should be. Only she can define herself. And she is fully aware that she's much more than a definition or a title.  She is mindful of her hopes & dreams. Once she drew a line in the sand, Magic happened. Joy happened. She continuously straightens her tiara, dusts herself off and prevails with grace. And a smile on her face. Because in the end, she knows she's worth it dammit. She's simply a mirror of those around her. Their words reflect their own insecurities and fears; therefore she can continue to love because she continues to love herself. 
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