jeN here, from  Founder of The Be Amazing Movement. A tribe of Amazing Women celebrating and empowering one another while rockin’ this crazy World with confetti in our hair. #BAM Eight years in the making. Eight years of trials, heartaches and wins. Much like life, wouldn't you agree? 

As a former teacher aka cheerleader, my desire has always been in helping others follow & pursue their Dreams. I’m not a “Wing Clipper” per say, rather a “Cliff Pusher”.  Not a "nay-sayer" rather a "permission giver". It's much easier to raise a child, than to repair an adult. As I've gotten older, I've realized there are a lot of broken people in this world. 

My passion is assisting women in living the life they’ve always dreamt about, the one Amazing Life they so deserve. It's definitely not too late. What are you waiting for? Come along this journey with us, with #BAM.

 We each have our life struggles and frustrating days, but we also have amazing and unique gifts!  YOU also have special gifts and a wonderful life ahead. Be Amazing Movement is all about teaching and providing encouragement. Our sincerest hope is that this Movement will set you on a path to not only believing, but living it.  #CrowdRoars

Change a Woman, Change a Child. Change a Child. You Change the Word. #Legacy

 You, my Darling, are Amazing. Sometimes all we need is a good friend to have our back, to find our #Tribe. That’s US! Amazing Females of all ages, giving one another permission, inspiration, and empowerment.

 We hope you'll join us in creating something different. WE are raising the Bar Sistas. Get Ready. WE are creating Change. Use our #BeAmazingMovement, #TiaraTime, & #ConfettiWorthy hashtags when sharing something from the @BeAmazingMovement Instagram or the #BAMbabes Facebook community. (Go ahead and click “Facebook community”.. see ya over there. Smile)

Love your Life.  Live your Dream. Be Amazing. Always.

Love. Live. Be.